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Another option is to use Messenger to send a confirmation email if someone signs up to your mailing list for example, and to let your visitors respond to that email if they “have any questions.”

There are other tools out there that make this easy too. For example, you can embed a Facebook messenger option in your website, or you can include a checkbox plugin that will allow users to sign up for Messenger contact at the same time as signing up for a mailing list. This is also how you’ll gain permission if you want to message people on WhatsApp.

Instagram has lots powerful tools as well. One example is an option that allows you to run polls and then see who responds. Ask something like “who is interested in X product” then message the people who say yes! These are qualified leads that implicitly gave you permission to contact them – it’s the perfect situation.

What to Say

So now you know how to contact people through messaging apps and what to say to sell, the other question is how do you begin the conversation?

Firstly: don’t try and sell right away. Use one of the “reasons” we’ve discussed to message and then try to bring the conversation around to sales. The only exception is if someone has already expressed an interest, or if you have a really good offer to share.

Next, make sure the message is short. People HATE getting long messages from businesses this way. It should take them two seconds to read and be even quicker to respond to.

A quick tip? To encourage a response, get them to say “no” instead of saying “yes.” For example, don’t ask:

“Do you have a minute?”

Instead say:

“Are you busy right now?”

This subtle difference makes them feel less “trapped” and they’ll be much more likely to answer you.

Use their name and be personal. Use what you know about them, and check their profile to find out more. BUT don’t be creepy. And be respectful: no one wants to get a message at 5am in the morning, so make sure to check local time zones.

It’s a learning curve for sure, but once you re-learn how to sell via conversation, you’ll find that your marketing game in general improves many times over. And using social messaging apps? This is one of THE most powerful tools there is for any marketer. You just need to know what you’re doing.

That will come with time, but the good news is that in the meantime all this can actually be quite fun! And it might just help with your dating, negotiating, and personal life as well.


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