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Appealing to the “Value Proposition”
One of the most important concepts when selling ANYTHING is to remember the value proposition. This is “the way in which your product makes life better.” The old saying is that you “don’t sell hats, you sell warm heads.”
Likewise, your ebook about fitness is not really an ebook about fitness at all – it is a set of six packs, a hot partner, and tons of confidence. THAT is what you are selling. And that’s what you have to really talk about when trying to get someone to buy.
This also means addressing their personal pain points. What are they not happy with right now and why are they thinking of buying your product!

Ask them!

“I notice you’ve been looking at X product. What is it about that product that you like?”
Now you can understand what makes them tick, and thereby make your product sound perfect for them! It’s an easy strategy that is very powerful and only possible through social messaging.
(How do you see that someone is looking at your product and then message them? One example might be using tracking software and retargeting. Another is by seeing if they comment on a post with your product in, or if they answer a poll saying they’re interested.)

Engaging Your Audience – A Foot in the Door

When someone realises you’re trying to sell them something, then chances are they’ll quickly try and get away from you and move on. A great ting to practice at functions then is getting your pitch in under the radar, which you can accomplish by using some opening statements and questions that don’t sound like a sales pitch you can get someone to drop their guard and then “reel them in” to hit them with your real sales pitch.
So how do we translate this concept to the world of social messaging apps?
Actually, it’s one of the most important aspects of all. So let’s take a look.

All these sales techniques can work absolute wonders when paired with the reach and impact of social messaging apps. The problem is that a lot of people won’t LIKE being messaged this way. When you message someone on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, they might just be annoyed that companies are contacting them through here.
So what do you do to ensure they respond well and not angrily?
One option is to make sure that you have that foot in the door and a good reason to message them.

For example

you can do this by using Messenger to continue a conversation that has gone on on Facebook. Post something and if they respond, you can then respond to their response and so on. If this goes on for more than 3 messages, you can then legitimately respond to them in their Messenger inbox and just say you “thought that it would be easier to continue the conversation here.” There are even apps that will automatically message ANYONE who talks to you by leaving a comment (they’re listed in the full ebook).

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