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1- Templates

People will return to your site if they know you have resources such as templates at your site. These can be blog post templates, review templates .

2- Tip Sheets

This is another popular type of content to offer as a sign-up incentive. The key is to make it highly specific to their most pressing interest at the time, or a solution to a technology problem. Keep in mind that technology changes rabidly so the solutions may only be needed until a “fix” is implemented.

3- Images

Images are most effective when they are meaningful and informative. When using images,they should be part of the integrated strategy you use to brand your business, tell your story, and support the related concept, written content, or audio. They should consistently support your online identity and “voice,” as well as clarify complex, confusing, or misunderstood information,

4- Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to consistently reach your audience. this tactic involves curating and sending valuable content to your subscribers.

5- Video

Every online entrepreneur should make videos and share them across platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Vimeo. The real issue is what type of video best supports your business? • “How to” demonstration • “Talking head” update from you to your followers • Anima

6- Transcripts

Any time you provide an audio or video, it is important that you also provide written transcripts for it. When your viewers or listeners are focused on the video or audio, they may misunderstand a word or phrase or even a whole concept. But when you offer a transcript of the call, your audience can read through it to clarify any misunderstandings. It’s also great for those who cannot attend the live calls or simply prefer to learn by reading. Simply ask a transcriptionist to transcribe the audio or video dialog, after you finish recording and editing the item.

7-  Interviews

Interview content is where a host questions a guest. Interview formats work well for podcasts, videos, and even blog post content. The process is really simple for both host and guest, which a great form of collaborative content. Plus, as a host, you give your audience access to new insights while also dipping into your guest’s audience pool.

8-  Checklists

People love checklists because the listsenable them to getmultiple areas of their lives organized quickly, as well as the other people in those areas. Organizing effectively is important to productivity, and avoiding stress, which makes life easier for everyone.

9-  Social Campaigns

Instead of posting a single social media message to engage your followers, schedule a queueof 10 to 30 topic related messages across your social networks.You’ll get more engagement if you schedule your campaign to share your website or blog, I know for a fact that you’d get more traffic.

10-  Quotes

Quotes are motivational, inspirational, entertaining, humorous, or educational statements that are usually from wise people and other influencers. Quotes are a powerful way to increase engagement on social media. They also help to prove or clarify a point within larger content pieces.



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